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It doesn’t hurt to ask people to share a little of what they know. People rarely turn us down when we request the chance to learn from them and we’d like you to do the same. Perhaps the desire to pass along wisdom and experience to the next generation is encoded in our genes. In this free course learn some of the key lessons from my books such as:

What's The Lessons?



To really achieve what we desire, we need to know what it is in-fact we want but more importantly why we want it and how property can give it to us. 



Not all strategies are created equally and neither should they. In this section we will look at how you can plan a strategy that is right for you as an individual and how to avoid the one size fits all approach.



Leverage is what makes the property investment business accessible to all. By using leverage, we are able to scale our businesses faster. Let’s take a look at how this works for us in the longer term and how we can grow exponentially.



Sourcing property is not a simple maths exercise, do this and you are heading for a disaster. Finding a property is much more than numbers on a spreadsheet and as such it needs proper care and attention. 



You need to know what to look for when viewing a property to avoid costly mistakes. Assessing the property is just as important. If you want to build a successful portfolio. We have the tools to guide you.



So, you’re up and running? But there is one more thing that you must do before you can truly place the last piece of the jigsaw. Find out what?

So as you can see there’s a lot to consider with property but really only handful of aspects that require a keen working knowledge of property investing. Grab the course now, where we break down these principles and practice for you with working examples, so you can do the same with your property investing.

About David

David is a people-person who firmly believes that having honesty, integrity and a firm understanding of his clients needs is what has helped him to become such a successful business man. He truly believes in Napoleon Hill’s universal law of increasing return and has modeled his business on this for the past 16 years, many years prior to discovering the written law. David’s desire and passion to pass on his experience and knowledge is integral to his own belief system which cannot be masked or faked. This has left him in a league of his own when it comes to mentorship and coaching.

Very informative. This course is full of useful information, what sets it apart from other courses I've taken is the detail and strategy on key elements of property investing, this is something that is unique to this course.

I already own an investment property and I'm looking to add to this, the course and book has helped me to understand clearly what I need to do different in my next purchase, its also helped me understand where i want to go and what i want to achieve within this field.

Steven M.
Property Investor
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