Lesson 6 -

Its simple business sense, look after your customers, and they will look after you. It should be widely acknowledged as the first rule of business.

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Are You Good?

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

You Don't Need Motivation

Don't look for motivation. Find your why then no excuses will come between you & your goals.

Make It Happen

You have everything you need now to build something bigger than yourself.

Firstly  you’ve earned it, you’re now a property investor! Or at least you will be once you implement your plan.

You’ve almost completed our quick-start guide designed to give you a closer look behind the scenes of what’s needed to get started with your adventure. Hopefully its been easy to digest, in-depth (at least for a quick-start guide), filled with some exciting content, given you a balanced and reassuring view and above all else educational.

If you’re reading this lesson now, then you’ve proved all the statisticians wrong, it seems you may have the stamina required to see this idea of yours through.

Believe it or not more than 62% fail to complete a FREE course like this. That to us speaks volumes about their character, BUT more importantly about YOURS!

Through this course we’ve taken you on a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but we’re back on the home straight now. We’re almost home there is just one final piece of the jigsaw to place.

Before we get to that lets summarise a few key points from the course and highlight what you should have taken from it. We’ve taken you through a high-level overview of how to take all the theory we’ve covered so far and start applying it to your actual property business. There’s a lot more I could tell you – in fact, we’ve only really scratched the surface – but I think there’s already a strong possibility that your feeling overwhelmed. Surprisingly, and a somewhat counterintuitive (fact) this is actually a good thing in this context, it means your learning!

As we get toward the end of this course I’ll give you some options to continue your learning and get into a lot more detail about the topics we’ve covered but for now, let’s move on.

Hopefully the jigsaw is starting to come together for you now – and while there’s still a lot to learn, you should be feeling more confident about the issues you need to understand and how to go about actually making a start on your journey.

As you’ll now be aware, the two biggest obstacles preventing you form taking action are fear and confidence – in fact the fear of poverty is one of the biggest challenges we all face, second only to the fear of death. I am sure this ‘starter course’ has helped alleviate some of this, but you’ll no doubt still have lingering fears around a couple of subjects we’ve barely touched on so far.

So let’s see what we have covered so far so that we can try to bring more confidence to your understanding, eliminating fear as a byproduct!

Finding your WHY – This, for me was an exciting prospect to establish as it should be for you. This is the start of your journey which in itself is an exciting prospect.

I guarantee if you adopt a methodical approach like the one we have discussed throughout these lessons you are going to be every bit as successful as you want to be.

It really is a no brainer. There’s no sales hype or irresponsible dream-selling here by telling you it’s going to be a straight forward and simple process, however this is, absolutely an industry that can and will give you back everything that you put in. Having a strong enough why will see you through the challenging times and simply put, it’s the first piece of the puzzle, it’s your foundation block, your base to build on and the motivation you need to succeed.

If this is established right from the word go then every step thereafter will be smoother, have bigger impact and will compound the next creating what it is you desire. Just remember that this should be as personal, unique and individual to you as your fingerprint.

So, we mentioned two kinds of WHY the other being why you should invest?

Hopefully the demonstrations throughout brought confidence in your decision,

Need we continue? This is the right industry for you!  


Okay, next up was Strategy Planning.

We’ve exhausted ‘why’, now we’ve just got to get there. So how are you going to do that? With a map and compass of course. And your strategy is just that.

A strategy creates vision and direction. It prevents you from losing sight of your chief aims. It is strategy that brings clarity and helps drives your decisions forward with confidence.


We all set off on a long journey in a similar fashion, with a postcode and a sat-nav, yes?

Well unfortunately, as yet and to the best of my knowledge there is no sat-nav available to navigate your property journey so we’re going to have to dig a little deeper and put in some of the groundwork ourselves. This is the second piece of our puzzle.

This will form the base of everything we do over the coming years and in-turn will allow you to invest with confidence and the ability to adjust your investments as your life changes.

Knowing where it is you’re going AND how you will get there will be one of the greatest tools to lift the burden from your shoulders.

Now, there are many different types of strategies available within property investing, but we have chosen to omit these from our lessons, and for good reasons.

Firstly, we wanted to demonstrate the industry as a whole to allow you to see the entire picture so that you can establish what strategy is right for you.

Secondly, we know you’re probably sick of downloading or watching someone tell you they are going to show you how to become a property investor and then simply explaining the BRR or the ‘Buy, Refurbish & Refinance’ model in one of the many different and imaginative ways. 

There is only one reason they do this, can you figure out what that is? We think it’s an irresponsible and shortsighted approach to only give you a glimpse into one particular strategy and call it a property course, its not it’s a module or a strategy specific course.  

The BRR model is an amazing model for those who need to recycle their cash, it allows you to enter the industry and use a single deposit (if you’re very lucky) or a smaller lump sum and stretch it much further (that’s more typical) than it would go on its own. 

However, it’s just one strategy out of many and given the time constraints as well as the overwhelming competition to find these deals, it can actually be counterproductive to momentum and ACTION.

Planning your strategy from the very beginning is another way we can elevate fear, lack of confidence and offer clarity, surely those are the three things that stop us all from taking action. 

Wouldn’t you like to eliminate these?


Your work is done, right? you can sit back, relax and reap the rewards of passive income.

You can start to the put the pieces back in the box, give it a shake and start all over again, knowing that this time around its going to be easier…..

a whole lot easier.


Well, not quite, that champagne is well deserved we will give you that. We fully condone its opening, and we’d love to join you. But I am afraid it needs to remain on ice that little while longer.

Never fear though, the strawberries should be lifted out of the fridge so that they can slowly warm to room temperature.

We promise you we are nearly there, there is just one more piece of the jigsaw we need to tell you about.

Without the summary above this would be a relatively short lesson, but believe me when I tell you that not only does it punch way above its weight, WAY ABOVE, that it’s actually the most important lesson of ALL!

You may have heard us from time to time mention the word ACTION, well without ACTION everything is pointless.

You see we all want a better life, a nicer car, more freedom, a nice watch or ???

But that’s it, we just want it, or rather say we want it, how many of us actually ACTION this?

how many of us place this high enough on our values list that we go out and get it?

You say things like…

Oh, I want to get fit

I want to stop smoking

I want to lose weight

I want to learn a language

I want a nicer car

I want to be my own boss

I want to {insert what you want here}

The list can go on…

Taking ACTION is what makes things happen, its what greases the wheels, creates momentum and allows you to live the life you desire, you see Taking action helps you overcome your fears.

Every time you do something new, you expand your comfort zone just a bit. And, as you expand your comfort zone, you are more willing to come out of that corner fighting and do the things that benefit your life, which helps you overcome even more fears and so on.

The underling gist of this is simply that; If you take no action in your life, it doesn’t matter how much you learn or know, your actual life is not going to benefit in any way, shape or form.

And you should know EVERYONE has the ability to take action. It doesn’t take money. It doesn’t take experience. It doesn’t take anything except for the desire and willingness to go ahead and do something.

What’s the flip side of this, of NOT taking any action? Pain, lack of respect, negative self talk, dissatisfaction, unable to serve and help others. The negatives run deep.

The regret of not doing what you want, the lack of growth and confidence in yourself and the negative self-talk all results in a lot of frustration and mental pain. The action you take is going to determine the results you get it really is that straight forward.

If you’ve ever tried to understand and make sense of why you’re not getting the results you want even though you feel and think you are doing things, you think you are taking action… Then it’s important to understand the difference between being in motion and taking action. The two are discernably different.

How many goals have you set? Lists created? Books read? Courses taken? Influencers followed? Business blogs scoured…the list goes on. 

This is motion. Not action. 

You can write lists all day long but if you don’t action what’s on the list then what?

More of the same, that’s what!!

The thing to remember is that you take action on things in life that you want, and when you are not taking action, you are complaining about not having the things you want. You’re lacking a feeling of respect and self-worth and generally just feel unsatisfied.

Fear can take a hold of you and push you into a corner where you don’t want to ever leave, which is commonly called your comfort zone. Taking action helps you overcome your fears. Every time you do something new, you expand your comfort zone just a bit.

Also consider, do you want to do something really well or become an expert in something? Either way you have to take action! Taking action helps you develop and improve your current skills and even develop new skills that help you master certain parts of your life and have an easier time in it.

You will talk to yourself negatively and ask things like, “Why can’t I ever do what I need to do?” and then you will start to put yourself down with answers like, “Because I’m too lazy” or “Because I’m too weak” or whatever it is you tell yourself when you realize how little action you are taking in life.

Taking action fixes everything and all that negative self-talk in order to talk to yourself like, why am I so awesome? “because you take action” or why have I achieved so much in property “well, it’s because you took action”

Your life is truly in your own hands, what will you decide to do?

So we’re now at the end of that and we have some questions for you

Have you found & WRITTEN DOWN your why? If not, why not? and when are you going to do it?

Have you mapped out a strategy? If not, how do you know where your going? Do you know how to do this? if not give us a call and we will help you.


Make sure you take time run the numbers? If you don’t do this properly, how do you know your deals are good?

Are you looking for suitable properties? If not, then how do you plan on ever executing your strategy and growing your portfolio?

Make sure to carefully assess your properties? If you don’t do this property then you can’t be confident the outcome of your spreadsheet analysis is going to work out?

If you haven’t understood and agreed with all of these, then what are you doing?

There’s a common theme that runs between them and that is one of ACTION.

Yes, you heard it again. Now let that sink in.

You know I have mentioned the word ACTION (including that one) 42 times during this lesson and you can probably treble that throughout this course. I wouldn’t even like to begin to guess how many times it’s on my website and how many times a year I say the word, but there is a good reason for all this. Those who ACT, WIN and in a nutshell, it is as simple as that!


OK, the time is here, now that we have that summed up in the clearest of fashions, and we know now that you do in-fact intend on taking ACTION, it is time to break out the bubbly.

The first step is now complete, you’ve completed the lessons in full, WELL DONE.

Now take stock, digest,, re-read and above all else, keep the momentum going by taking… (insert blank here)


"Well done is better than we'll said."

So What's next..?

Well we’re going to leave you now, but don’t worry we’ll check in again in a few days time, at which point we are going to share with you our brilliant ACTION MATRIX tool to help you move forward with your actions.

Until then:

Now is the time to be accountable to yourself. Accountability doesn’t mean punishment. Accountability is a willingness to accept responsibility for your own ACTIONS.

Henry Evans, the author of Winning with Accountability, describes accountability as “Clear commitments that — in the eyes of others — have been kept.”

Have you? And will you? Keep your commitments and be accountable?

Take a look at the lesson summary below and find out how…?

Lesson Summary

Here's a summary of this lesson and your next steps to take ACTION!

You must take action right now. Go! Go! Go!

That above ALL else you MUST take ACTION


To take ACTION.


If you really do want to live the life you want, if you want to create lasting change for you and your family then……..


Let this momentum diminish

Allow fear, lack of confidence or confusion stop you

Start something you’re not going to finish

Become another statistic


Keep learning and progressing, completing the tasks we discussed

Eliminate fear, low confidence and obtain clarity

Finish what you’ve started

Become another statistic (just the good kind)

Drop us an email to arrange a time to speak with David directly to see exactly how he can keep this momentum going for you


"Colleauges are a wonderful thing - but mentors, that's where the real work get's done!"


- Junot Diaz

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