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These lessons have been designed explicitly as a ‘Taster’ to demonstrate an overview of the industry from the investors’ initial conception to the realities of owning & managing a property portfolio.

First things, First…

Congratulations! You’re here & ready to learn!

Taking that initiative to join a course like this, to actually read and apply it, speaks volumes about the type of person you are. And that’s Awesome – you’re in good company with us.

So what do we have here?

Well, you’re about to begin our FREE ‘6-Part Training Guide‘ all about property investing, we aim to keep things simple, yet informative, and of course, as always we will adopt our NO-NONSENSE approach.

Over the course of the 6 lessons that follow, you’ll receive just the right amount of information needed to give you a flying start on your property journey.

We’d like to get straight into it, but before we do, we’d like to take a few lines to mention our aim here at Wise Owl Property Training.

  • As a property training & mentoring company, we believe firmly in ethical and honest education.
  • We will never sell you the dream of financial freedom in a few short months, nor do we preach the newest and hottest trends of making a quick buck without lifting a finger. It’s irresponsible and only ever used for personal gain.
  • We offer sound, reliable and experienced advice.

We provide expert guidance and mentorship forged from many years of successful property investing ourselves. This comes direct to you to make sure your property journey becomes a reality too.

But first,

Some 'hard truth's' about the property investment industry...

Regardless of your approach, being hands-on ‘OR’ hands-off, you’re on your way to a destination that is far away, isn’t that easy to find and has many bumps, turns and dips along the way to throw you off.

There may be a chance, given the wrong unguided approach, that you could end up losing some of that lovely length off those fingernails, having the odd sleepless night and perhaps that hair will start to thin.

At some point YOU ARE going to experience a non-paying tenant. Being one that cannot be bothered to pass over their benefit payments or one that has just been issued their P.45.

To quote Newton, ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. Like it or not, one house or ten, you are now a businessman or woman.

Every decision you make from here on in will have its own consequence. It can often be the small decisions that contribute to the outcome of your longevity and long-term success.

As an inexperienced ‘newbie’ there is a better than average chance that your money is not going to go as far as you initially thought it was. Nine times out of ten the costs to purchase, renovate and let your property are going to be higher than you thought, at least on your own, and at the start

The Government has you in their sights. Legislation, regulation and tax are changing; the population at large never protests when the Government targets landlords. We’re all Victorian era Scrooges – right?

Property, like everything else in life, has its fads, and it is easy to get distracted or carried away with the latest trend. You will be tempted but need to remain resilient, however, and work hard on your property business to learn the foundations of the industry.

Once you’re confident in the knowledge, then you will be equipped to rigorously evaluate and judge these new ‘opportunities’ for yourself.

Buildings deteriorate, and tenants cause wear and tear. Like any other business over time, you are going to have to reinvest some of your accrued rental income in repairs, maintenance or refurbishments.

Sound Harsh?

No, not really, we just believe in clarity!

Ok, excellent, there is so much we’d like to share with you.

We like to think of ourselves in perfect equilibrium, floating effortlessly in that place between optimism and pessimism.

Its called realism, and is often referred to here as the ‘WiseOwl’ approach!


So, here are some 'easier to digest truths' about the property investment industry...

1. The property business is actually about people.

Specialist knowledge is, of course, needed, but there are some excellent experts, coaches and mentors about, so with the correct mindset and approach, it is POSSIBLE to succeed and succeed BIG. This means that anyone of you can get involved in the industry from whatever your starting point is.

2. The most obvious rule of economics is that of supply and demand.

If you acknowledge that our population is growing and that, we are not producing accommodation at the same rate then surely we are in the right place? 

‘Buy land – they aren’t making it any more’ – Mark Twain

3. The property cycle can guide you.

As we will demonstrate in the next lesson there is such a thing as the property cycle. So with the correct guidance you have every chance of benefiting greatly from this. 

‘Don’t wait to buy property, buy property and wait’ – Russell Sage

4. How big is your network?

Networking with the correct people can speed up your journey so that you’re able to reach your targets faster and easier, in-fact every point in our ‘hard truths’ list above can be tactfully managed to help avoid its consequences.

5. Cashflow is king

YOU CAN profit from capital growth AND have good cash flow to boot.

6. Choose wisely

Choosing the right property carefully can significantly increase your chances of a hassle-free tenancy.

7. Class your assets as safe ones

Since property is a tangible asset it can be controlled somewhat: this is why it is still classed as one of the safest asset classes around.

8. The eigth wonder will work for you

Einstein called it the eighth wonder of the world. The wonderful law of compounding. Regardless of your starting point anyone, given the right approach can achieve financial freedom over a far shorter time frame than they ever could with their current employment. Compound interest starts to work for you almost like an employee; in essence, you have the greatest boffin in the world working for you…Kind of!

9. Strategy can be a saving grace

With a correctly implemented strategy, the larger your portfolio grows, the more you are protected.

OK, so now you’ve read both lists. (You have, haven’t you?)

You’ve read our caveat on reducing the risks associated with the hard truths? …and the easier to digest list far outweighs the hard truths list, …right?


It looks as though, the I’s have it!

Let’s get you started on your journey.


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"It's normal to feel a little afraid in the beginning. Trust us though this fear can be turned into excitement, easily"


- David Tarn, WiseOwl.

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3 Questions to Ponder..?

Q. Are you really serious about your future?

Q. Do you understand action creates momentum, which creates success?

Q. Do you know what your next steps are?

About David

If you’re a property investor, you’ve likely heard of David Tarn (WiseOwl Property). His list of credentials is lengthy, and if he really wanted to, he could go on and on and on about his accomplishments.
But when people list out all their accomplishments in their bios, they risk sounding a little egotistical. This isn’t Davids style. Sure, you might impress a handful of people with all those laurels, but many people who read the bio will end up feeling either intimidated or annoyed. Think about it, why do you want to read about how great someone else is, don’t you see enough of that on Facebook?
To minimize the egoism that comes with talking about yourself, here are David’s accomplishments without sounding like bragging. David has been investing for almost 15-years and has built a hugely profitable portfolio. He owns a self-start lettings agency, mentors, trains and coaches very well and rides an enduro mountain bike like a pro. He is 1 part executive, 1 part entrepreneur, 1 part mentor and 4 parts proud dad. Too many parts, maybe that’s the maverick in him?

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