Experience the grit and reality of investment with a multiple property tour and analysis session.

June 10th 2022

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investment in yourself

Gain a Deeper Insight Into Modern Day Property Investment

Get Some Real-Life Experience On This Tour

So you’re interested in becoming a property investor, but not sure what the first steps are? This is a common problem that is not exclusive to property investment but almost every business. Luckily for you we have put together this 1-day in-depth training course that will give you some real valuable ‘hands on’ experience.

Do you want to gain confidence to get your own journey started?

Train With The Experts, Learn From The Best.

After spending the day with us in our training centre, your questions will have been answered and you will be left with the confidence needed to start the ball rolling on your own journey. This course gives you the opportunity to look at some real rented properties then ramp up your skills with priceless information on analysing deals, leaving you satisfied and filled with excitement with what lies ahead. 

Course Options:

Small Group Training (Maximum 5 people) – Only a £399 investment in yourself. 

1-2-1 Sessions Available (To suit your schedule) – Only a £799 investment in yourself.

"This was a brilliant day, it took my learning to the next level. Actually getting to see some of the refurbishments and then looking at the figures was so so valuable for me.
Julie Hanson
Property investor - North Wales

Learning Path / Modules

We will spend a couple of hours at the beginning of the day demonstrating what you need to know to successfully view a property. We will highlight what to look for and what to look out for according to chosen property investment models. Showing you some inside tricks to avoid buying that money pit or difficult to let property.

We will take you to view some of our properties so you can gain insight into what is required on viewings and refurbishments. You will have full use of our ‘Property Viewing Template’ to help you assess these properties without missing a single this. You’ll be able to see for yourself what can be achieved with a variety of different deals. This is a real ‘hands-on’ experience that is truly worth it’s weight in gold.

Back in our training center you will be shown how to analyse one of the properties we have visited. You will be given training on how to analyse the property for suitability and asses its value as well as shown how to use our own, carefully designed feasibility template. NOTE: All course materials and templates will be shared for you to use at your convenience after the course has finished.

What you’ll learn

An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Dividend


Those that are advanced are those that master the basics. Period. If you don't set your foundations you cant build on them. However there's one thing that most new investors get badly wrong and that is they dont invest in themselves and spend time working on the basics.

Programme your mind

Learn about your mind and how you can position it for success. There's a few overlooked aspects to that thing we call the brain that once you know and know how to manipulate you'll be able to 'get the work done' effortlessly . This way the mountain of stuff you learn will stick well.

invest wiseowl style

Imagine being able to invest with certainty and a clear plan of the outcome of such a decision. You wouldn't be so worried anymore would you? What is it that attracts almost all of the top earners and investors in the world? Learn the Owl way to invest, it's wise.

Grab a map

Are you lost? If you don't know where you're going then how on earth do you expect to get there? Wherever there is? Strategy & Planning are your map and compass. Learn to use them so you know exactly where your heading, Take the quickest most efficient route there all while enjoying the scenery en-route. Which way do you want to go?

money woe

You gotta understand a few things about the might £pound if you want your money to go further and further and further, you get the point. Understand these implications that are most important and you'll build a financial strategy with confidence and you'll know exactly where the money road goes.

What's that?

Blah blah blah blaaahhh. That's all you probably hear when terms like RCBO, Combi, FD30, Action backed pop up on a viewing. Well, take the time to come and see what we've got going on and we can make you an expert in looking at, not only the suitability of a property but what its potential is. we'll then show you how to carefully analyse the property using our very own, easy to follow feasibility template. AAHH thats much easier isnt it?

It's not about your want but your need.

we're open with you

We have no hidden agenda; we are open with you from the start, we are here to help build each others future, we train & mentor you to the degree that you repay this with your loyalty. It’s a win, win situation.

We tell it like it is

We believe firmly in responsible training. We are honest and straight talking from day one. Our promise to you is simple, its that you will always come first. WiseOwl has an excellent reputation and we aim solely to pass this level of experience and quality directly to you.

part of the solution

We adopt our trademark no-nonsense approach throughout our entire working relationship with you. We don't push the newest and hottest trends and fads. We will never sell you the dream of financial freedom in an irresponsible way.

knowledge is power

We believe that education is one of the many keys to creating success. A correctly guided education can get you there so much faster and smoother. We like to offer on-going support, this is because we genuinely care if you succeed as we firmly believe that your success builds our success.


Action creates success not talk, but we all have a tendency to procrastinate dont we? When accountability is created it helps drive you forward. This accountability helps momentum. By joining our family you are creating your own accountability creating your own success.
"People are being sold; easily I might add, the dream of financial freedom and “fantastic opportunity” unethically and irresponsibly.”
David Tarn

About David

David is a people-person who firmly believes that having honesty, integrity and a firm understanding of his clients needs is what has helped him to become such a successful business man. He truly believes in Napoleon Hill’s universal law of increasing return and has modeled his business on this for the past 16 years, many years prior to discovering the written law. David’s desire and passion to pass on his experience and knowledge is integral to his own belief system which cannot be masked or faked. This has left him in a league of his own when it comes to mentorship and coaching.

Interested? Drop us as line and we'll call you back.



Courses usually start around 9:30am on the day of training. They generally run until 4:30pm although some courses require more time. One thing is for sure, you’ll get the time you need.


This course is such a valuable course to add to your arsenal since you get a real life look at some deals that we are involved with. There is such a ‘hands-on’ element to the course from viewing the properties to physically analysing the deals using our feasibility template.

Where are you located?

We run the courses from our training centre in Darlington. Which is located just off the A1 and a major stop on the main east coast rail line so reaching us is easy. We also offer video call training.


Another easy one to answer. The WiseOwl courses are for ANYONE who is serious about becoming a successful property investor, and it really is as simle as that. If you’re serious about this, invest in your own education.

What's the training format ?

We use a range of learning formats depending on the course these can range from group discussion, presentation, site visits, video and audio.

What will i learn on the property tour ?

In short you’ll get to see how we asses property for its needs and possibilities. Then, back at the training center how it’s analysed from a mathematical perspective so that we can determine its suitability to our strategy.

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Still on the fence?

If being a property investor is something you really want there has never been a better time to get started. If you are genuinely serious about securing your future for yourself and your family then understand one thing… This is not you giving us money for training, this is an investment in yourself, and it can never be taken away. Start today, invest in your future. Join the long list of WiseOwl legends.