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Property Suitability Guide

When looking to establish a property’s suitability, there is a lot to consider, and you should be diligent at this stage and do your research thoroughly. In general, you are looking into the implications of how much investment is needed, be it immediate or future investment for a given property.

We’ll provide below the guide, checklists & tips on what you should be looking for and considering; however, consider that, as mentioned in the book, regardless of your approach, strategy and long-term plan, which in turn will determine what model and type of property you buy.

Determine where and how much time you’re spending on tasks and how much ‘available’ time you have to work on your property business. Gain a visual look at where your time really goes. You may be surprised!?

So once you’ve factored your time let’s talk capital, and see what you can contribute to your property investing. As they say every little helps.


Finding & Keeping a Suitable Tenant

If there were ever three pieces of ‘golden’ advice that landlords need to hear above all other advice about finding & keeping the right tenants, this is what we would say:

1. Patience.

2. Avoid the wrong tenant.

3. Know why they might want to move out?

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find a detailed explanation of the above and a full process with examples of how to manage your tenant searches effectively.


Finding a Suitable Tenant Checklist

Linked with the full ‘Finding a Suitable Tenant Guide’ above this checklist will detail all the steps required in an easy-to-use format so nothing is missed throughout your process as finding the right tenant for your property is critical. 


DIY Self Management

Early on as a new investor, it is useful to decide on whether you want to be hands-on or hands-off with your property business. Would you like to hand the management over to an agency or would you prefer to be hands-on and manage it yourself? If it’s the latter then this DIY checklist will ensure you do this in the most effective way.


Tenancy Pre-Viewing

Generating enquiries is only the first step of filling your vacant property, and it’s definitely NOT the most important step. The best we can do is minimise the risks, and the best way to accomplish that is by thorough tenant referencing, and that truly begins at the viewing stage, not the (actual) viewing but the ‘pre’ viewing stage.


Property First Visit Checklist

So you’ve collected the keys and the property is now in your possession, so what next? We’ll we would recommend visiting the property as soon as possible and carrying out some checks. Find out what should be checked with this useful checklist.


Inflation Calculator

This tool calculates the change in the potential cost of purchasing a representative property over a period of time and determines the value of your capital over time as it’s affected by inflation year on year. It’s a useful way of tracking inflation and its effects on you, your business and your property. 


Property Refurb Calculator

Depending on your property investment model and business refurbishment is typically required at some point. As a landlord, this is something you’ll likely not be able to avoid. With this tool, you’ll be able to estimate costs ahead of time and plan accordingly. This is really a useful tool to have in your arsenal as a landlord.

I hope you have enjoyed the free book & related resources and put them into action. If so, there is every reason why property investing can provide for you.

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