Get to Where YOU Want to be

Every top professional had and still has a mentor to call upon for support, advice & guidance. Do you?

It’s no secret that mentorship is the fastest, safest and most proven way to create success for those who truly want to create the life they desire.

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Raise Your Confidence

All investors struggle with their confidence in the beginning, BUT you don't have to. Raise your confidence by having us by your side

Avoid Overwhelm

There is soooo much conflicting information out there. Save time and energy by going straight to the experts for less confusion and more clarity.

Create Accountability

We all love to procrastinate and talk, BUT you can 'Get Things Done' instead. Be efficient in your actions and know that we're there for you.

It can be scary going it alone.

It takes confidence to take action, and when your confidence is low, your actions, just aren’t there.

Without knowledge and experience, we often don’t to know where or how to start, and starting is always the hard part. 

It’s difficult to create your own accountability after all, who’s watching you? And if no one is watching what’s to stop procrastination?

Going it alone is a lonely place to be, and the pressure to get it right weighs on you and you alone.

A mass of ‘useful’ information brings you overwhelm & confusion, doesn’t it? Unless you can find clarity, you’ll struggle to make any decisions. Confidence will exit and anxiety will enter.

You don’t want to buy yourself another job, but unless you do things right from the start, this is exactly what you’ll be doing.

We get you. Really, we do.

Remember we were in your shoes once upon a time until we realised how unrealistic it was to go it alone.

A mentor is a person that will help you grow, It certainly helped us.

In turn we can help you. We’ll give you the knowledge and tools needed to bring clarity, helping you to avoid overwhelm and confusion so that you are confident in your ability. We’ll do this whilst offering some friendly accountability when it’s needed.

Whats included in the mentorship?

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What's Your Investment?


For Experienced Investors
Who Require Further Strategy & Guidance

£ 7,499
  • 12 Month Supported Mentoring
  • Position Overview
  • Personality Trait Evaluation
  • 1-2-1 Strategy Implementation Course
  • Development Course (Mentee Specific)
  • Monthly Accountability Meetings
  • Tools, Resources & Reading lists
  • Guides & Template Pack
  • Feasability Calculator Tool
  • Viewing Templates
  • Professional Partners Discount
  • Email Support
  • Monthly Accountability Calls
  • Payment Plans Available


NEW Investors Who Require
Complete Support

£ 9,999
  • 12 Month Supported Mentoring
  • Position Overview
  • Personality Trait Evaluation
  • 1-2-1 Strategy Implementation Course
  • Development Courses*
  • Monthly Accountability Meetings
  • Tools, Resources & Reading lists
  • Guides & Templates Pack
  • Feasability Calculator Tool
  • Viewing Templates
  • Professional Partners Discount
  • Priority Email Support
  • *Property 101 Course
  • *Property Tour & Analysis Course
  • Unlimited web chat support
  • Coaching & Strategy Calls
  • Monthly Accountability Calls
  • Opportunity to JV With WiseOwl
  • Discounted Continuation Rate
  • Payment Plans Available

Platinum +

For Investors Who Require us
to Come to Them

£ 12,979
  • 12 Month Supported Mentoring
  • Position Overview
  • Personality Trait Evaluation
  • 1-2-1 Strategy Implementation Course
  • Development Courses*
  • Monthly Accountability Meetings
  • Tools, Resources & Reading lists
  • Guides & Templates Pack
  • Feasability Calculator Tool
  • Viewing Templates
  • Professional Partners Discount
  • Priority Email Support
  • *Property 101 Course
  • *Property Tour & Analysis Course
  • Unlimited web chat support
  • Unlimited Coaching & Strategy Calls
  • Monthly Accountability Calls
  • Opportunity to JV With WiseOwl
  • Option of Angel or Short Term Bridging
  • OnSite Visits & Training (We'll come to you)
  • Custom Made Training As Needed
  • Discounted Continuation Rate
  • Payment Plans Available
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Full Time investors

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What Our Mentees Are Saying...


Things Have Been
Crazy Ever Since!

“The way David teaches leaves you with no other option than to take action. He’s authentic, he’s real and he genuinely cares, you can tell that he cares… “

Owen D - Property Investor

Value You'll Receive

In the wiseowl mentorship here's just a snapshot of
what you'll get...

Our support is personal.

You’ll have help when and how you need it. So you’ll never be stuck with a problem or indecision as you can reach out to your mentor at anytime to find the answers you need.

Learn only what you need to learn.

You’re not getting a crash course, no. You’re getting a customised and truly personal mentorship and training so you get what you need. You’re not wasting time or money on anything that doesn’t matter because it’s built for you and your needs.

Know what your strengths are.

It’s a good insight to know your personal strength and weaknesses and how you deal with problems. You’ll get a personality evaluation. The advantage of this is two fold you’ll know what to push forward with confidence and where you could use a little help. You’ll be able to build a business that’s driven by your strengths.

Accountability. It's built in.

Never feel like your just spinning your wheels not progressing as fast as you like. We’ll keep you on track with accountability. Its easy to drift along but you’ll speed ahead when you have someone on your side to give you that little push forward.

Have our systems and use our own tools.

Processes, systems and frameworks are repeatable assets that you can use time and again. We’ll give you our best to save you time and effort. You won’t need to create all of these from scratch -saving you more time whilst also being hugely effective.

Value isn't free, but it's affordable.

You can’t put a price on experience and success when it drives you forward further than what you believe is possible. Draw on all of our experience and take yourself further, faster. 

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Why Mentorship?

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" Pay it Forward "
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" Empowered "

Current research suggests a whopping 97% of people find mentoring of immense value. 37% of people who take up mentoring, statistically they are the top performers. 

It’s these top performers that often go onto mentor others paying forward the value they were taught. A staggering 87% of mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence.

“Value for money isn’t an issue with our mentorships. We’re here for exactly what you need and exactly when you need it.”

Is mentorship right for me?
It's a simple question that has a simple answer...Yes...

If you’re considering a mentor it’s not a question of how they can help, it’s a question of HOW MUCH they can help.

a walk through the 4 stages of mentorship

Where are you now & where are you going?

The first stage is to assess your overall position to evaluate your needs so that we can map out a bespoke plan of action personal to you and your specific goals.


knowledge growth & strategy implementation

The second stage is to further build your knowledge of the industry and to guide you through a successful strategy setup and execution.


Development & nurture

This is the stage where you'll be encouraged to challenge yourself and push beyond your comfort zone to show what you're really capable of with a little bit of confidence.


continued support & drive

The value at this stage is huge. You need to maintain momentum and accountability to help combat procrastination. We're now here to ensure you become the investor you want to be.


Customers Reviews

We Have Answers For You

Here's what our mentees typically ask.

You may be wondering too?

This isn’t in question. You will receive ten times the value you have paid for your mentorship. we are here for you every step of your journey for exactly what you need us for. From site visits to structured learning to CPD courses and calls to monthly accountability meets and Teams chat, were always by your side.

The mentorship starts when your ready to start. However, you may get access to some materials before this, and therefore there are no surprises. You come into the mentorship fully prepared and relaxed. And everyone is on the same page. We don’t believe in “shock and awe”. We believe that learning is best done when you are better prepared.

It’s a custom mentorship designed for you. So we conduct the mentorship in the format that best suits your needs. Often this consists of phone or video calls, email and chat functions, a quick text if you need it and of course our preffered method of face to face contact where we can really dig deep and get you all the details you need. If you prefer something specifically just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

It depends on the level of your mentorship you can see the prices above in our pricing table. We certainly don’t think it is expensive, in-fact we think it’s very cheap in terms of cost but absolutely not in terms of value. If you look at what is possible in this industry and what you’re trying to achieve then this is a mere drop in the ocean, regardless of which programme you choose. Payment plans/ instalments are also offered so you can better manage the costs if thats your preference. We actually encourage this payment method too.

Well, its simple. We create accountability to drive action and maintain momentum. We educate, guide and offer experience, eliminating much of the fear, stress and failure that going it alone can bring.

Again this is a question you need to ask yourself. If you do not have time then we suggest you consider your future with property investing seriously. This is a business like any other and as such it needs a certain level of dedication to get it up and running. 

Simply register your interest on our booking form here. Tell us you want to get started and we’ll take care of the rest. Or just give us a call on 01325 930118

Yes. You get the support you need. It really is as simple as that. With a custom designed courses and mentoring it’s difficult not to get that support. It’s also 1-1 so you’re not getting what someone else has you’re getting what you need. There may be opportunities where you can also interact with other mentees on our smaller courses. 

We will help you with the things that you probably never thought you needed help with. We will actively seek out your weaknesses to turn them into strengths whilst encouraging you to take action, giving you confidence through education and helping you to maintain momentum.

This is an individual mentorship designed specifically for each client. There is, of course, a generic structure you will follow but each mentorship will be tailored for YOUR exact needs. ALL of our caps have adjustable straps!

Another easy one to answer. The WiseOwl mentorship programme is for ANYONE who is serious about becoming a successful property investor, and it really is as simple as that. If you’re serious about this, invest in your own education.

Our minimum term is 12-months, the maximum is really up to you. Lots of graduates stay on our programme for continued support and guidance and some progress on to our business coaching platform.

Our Gold and Platinum mentorship are held here in the training centre in Darlington as well as online utilising Zoom/Skype style calls. Our Platinum+ package is held both here in the training centre and at your location. In essence we will come to you as required.

The three different levels of mentorship we offer are specifically designed for different levels of support.

If you feel confident enough in your own ability and just want someone to help smooth your strategy and talk things through with then the GOLD package is for you.

If you want to increase your knowledge of the industry while gaining the confidence that having someone with our experience by your side will bring you, coupled with knowing that the many questions you have will be answered quickly and efficiently then the Platinum package is definitely for you.

If the above seems like something you’d want, but you also want to take advantage of the on-site inspections and training as well as the opportunity to partner with WiseOwl on property ventures then the Platinum+ package is a must.

Why would you want to cancel? It certainly wouldn’t be because you didn’t see the value in us anymore. We continually strive to offer far more value to our clients then they would expect. This for us is the essence of success. We see the value in adding value to your business and know that this is what, ultimately pays dividends. We understand goals can change, if for any reason you felt like we were not offering the value you needed, talk with us and we will reset our plan and help you to achieve what it is you now desire.

An UNBEATABLE Guarantee: Try WiseOwl Mentorship, 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED.

We’ve packed a lot into Our WiseOwl Mentorship Programmes, and we want to make sure that you not only get all that you want, but you get exactly what you need.

Try us out. If you don’t LOVE it, see the amount of VALUE you get from having us by your side or feel CONFIDENT after our training sessions then talk with us, we will reset our thinking with you, adopt a different approach and guarantee to change your mind.

Join the mentorship program and try it for yourself. If our Advanced style of Mentorship doesn’t help you with what you are struggling with then we offer a peace of mind money back guarantee.* 

WiseOwl Mentorship will show you how top performers think about and manage their money and investments — and how you can do the same. And remember this is 100% risk-free.

*(Terms & Conditions Apply). The mentorship needs to have commenced, and you need to have tried it for a minimum term of 3 months. We withhold the right to withdraw this guarantee when courses are SOLD OUT

About David

If you’re a property investor, you’ve likely heard of David Tarn (WiseOwl Property). His list of credentials is lengthy, and if he really wanted to, he could go on and on and on about his accomplishments.

But when people list out all their accomplishments in their bios, they risk sounding a little egotistical. This isn’t Davids style. Sure, you might impress a handful of people with all those laurels, but many people who read the bio will end up feeling either intimidated or annoyed. Think about it, why do you want to read about how great someone else is, don’t you see enough of that on Facebook?

To minimize the egoism that comes with talking about yourself, here are David’s accomplishments without sounding like bragging. David has been investing for almost 15-years and has built a hugely profitable portfolio.

He owns a self-start lettings agency, mentors, trains and coaches very well and rides an enduro mountain bike like a pro. He is 1 part executive, 1 part entrepreneur, 1 part mentor and 4 parts proud dad. Too many parts, maybe that’s the maverick in him?


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