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Who are
wise owl?

In short we are a small team of experienced professional investors who are here to ensure that your journey is as smooth, direct and successful as it should be.

With the correct structured guidance you can accelerate your growth to achieve your future goals with confidence, drive and of course, without limitations.



We prefer to keep it real. We also recognise it’s about you – not us. It’s all about what we can do for you and how we can serve you to achieve your business goals.

We firmly understand organic growth and the stability that a solid foundation gives you. You won't find a fancy sales pitch here, not one. Only honest, responsible and ethical advice and guidance.

"The best route to building a successful property portfolio is to lay the correct foundations right from the beginning."

David Tarn

The Original " Wise Owl "

Who's Behind The Vision ?

Wise Owl Property Training was the vision of property investor, entrepreneur &  author David Tarn. 

David is well known throughout the UK and is widely acknowledged to be one of the most successful investors and mentors around.

WiseOwl was the coming together of experienced investors and fast-growing property companies, independently started many years back. Their vision for success, passion for investing and desire to pass on their knowledge through positive and ethical education is what sparked their interest in collaboration.  The training and mentorship company was a natural organic step.

our core values.



We’re not here to convince you of unicorns and rainbows. We’re here to give you the facts, regardless of how that sits. 



We’re not interested in using HYPE to sell the dream of financial freedom. We’re here to form part of the solution NOT the problem.



Our focus is YOU. We’re here to help guide you, train you and if needed hold your hand through your journey. Our goal is to develop lasting relationships. 

“Your reputation is worth more than your pay check, and you're integrity is worth more than your career”

Ryan Freitas

echoed by David Tarn

It's personal.

How we work with you

make Your start.

We all know that the safest and fastest route to success is when we are guided by an expert. Here at WiseOwl, we work closely with our trainees offering the time and dedication that you need to become successful property investors, just like us.

We keep our training and mentorship programs small and personal, so we all get what we need.

We can share with you the secrets of our success to help you avoid the mistakes we made in the early stages of our careers. 

get to know yourself

Self awareness creates confidence and confidence creates action.

understanding your situation

It's as simple as understanding that what got you here won't get you there.

determining your goals

If you dont have a destination, how on earth do you expect to get there?

It's not about your want but your need.

we're open with you

We have no hidden agenda; We are open with you from the start, we are here to help build each others future, we train & mentor you to the degree that you repay this with your loyalty. Its a win, win situation.

We tell it like it is

We believe firmly in responsible training. We are honest and straight talking from day one. Our promise to you is simple, its that you will always come first. With an excellent reputation then we know our future is safe. This enables us to concentrate on your future.

Part of the solution

We adopt our trademark no-nonsense approach throughout our entire working relationship with you. We don't push the newest and hottest trends and fads. We will never sell you the dream of financial freedom in an irresponsible way.

Knowledge is power

We believe that education is one of the many keys to creating success. A correctly guided education can get you there so much faster and smoother.
We like to offer on-going support, this is because we genuinely care if you succeed as we firmly believe that your success builds our success.


Action creates success not talk, but we all have a tendency to procrastinate dont we? When accountability is created it helps drive you forward. This accountability helps momentum. By joining our family you are creating your own accountability creating your own success.
"People are being sold; easily I might add, the dream of financial freedom and “fantastic opportunity” unethically and irresponsibly.”
David Tarn - "The Original WiseOwl"




The Original 'WiseOwl'
Company Director
Property Investor
Property Mentor
Business Coach


Trainer and Mentor
Company Director (Right Place Property)
Property Investor
Training Consultant
Property Mentor


Project Manager
Company Director
Property Investor
Property Sourcer


Business Development Manager
Sales & Marketing
Media & Development


Customer Relations
Property Investor
Property Sourcer
Account Manager


Front of House Manager

Learn powerful and proven investing strategies to grow your business Fast. (It’s just like having a personal business coach)

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

WiseOwl offers training and mentorship from single, classroom-style courses to tailored individual (1-2-1) courses. We pride ourselves in providing modern style property and business mentorships designed for the modern day entrepreneur.

Our training centre is located in Darlington, Northeast England. There is excellent transport links via rail and our centre is just off the A1. For some of our mentees on our mentorship programme we come to you, onsite.

Honesty, straight talking, no-nonsense, experienced guidance, and above all else an ethical approach. Oh, and NO dream selling BS. 

In our opinion, on-site training works best, however, we understand that there are times where this may not be possible. That’s why we now offer 1-2-1 video calls as well as ‘your-site’ mentoring. On this, we’ll come to you.

We’re available anytime you need us just drop us a message on our ‘contact us’ form and we’ll get right back to you. If your joining our courses or mentorship you’ll have priority access to your mentor will be arranged for you.

Sure we can. And not only that we’re known for helping you gain clarity and producing a clear plan of action to help you succeed. So if your feeling lost, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help you find your way.

Yes, in fact we believe that the value with 1-2-1 training is far superior to being part of a group. We actively encourage ALL trainees to attend 1-2-1 courses if possible and only offer our strategy course on a 1-2-1 basis.

That’s a difficult question to answer at this point. Where are you on your journey, what capital do you have, how much spare time do you have, how much do you know already and where do you want to get too are just some of the questions we would need to know. However, do not worry, simply give us a call or fill out our contact us form, and we will call you to discuss the options.

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