Property Investment Glossary of Terms

Need To Know Terms For Property Investors

If you’re beginning to think learning about Property Investment is impossible due to all the jargon and abbreviations you have to learn, here’s the resource you’ve been looking for!.

Property Investment Glossary of Terms

ANGEL INVESTOR – An individual or small independent company that will lend you money at a fixed rate

AIP – Agreement In Principle

AML – Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

AST – Assured Shorthold Tenancy (Agreement)

ASTL – The Association Of Short-Term Lenders

BMV – Below Market Value

BCMV – Below Current Market Value 

BR – Bank Rate (Previously known as BBR)

BBR – Bank Base Rate (Now BR)

BRR – Buy Refurbish & Refinance

CP12 – An Annual Gas Safety Inspection Certificate

COMMONHOLD – Essentially A Freehold With Common Responsibilities

DIP – Decision In Principle (Superseded with an AIP, above)

DPS – Deposit Protection Service

DSCR – Debt Service Cover Ratio

DSS – Department For Social Security

DUV – Done Up Value

DVR – Discounted Variable Rate (This Is A Discount On The Variable Rate Of A Mortgage)

DWP – Department Of Working Pensions

EER – Energy Efficiency Rating

EICR – Electrical Installation & Condition Report

EPC – Energy Performance Certificate

ERC – Early Redemption Charge

ERV – Estimated Rental Value

FCA – Financial Conduct Authority

FIBA – The Financial Intermediary And Broker Association

FIRST CHARGE – A Legal Charge Executed Against A Property Equating To The Value Of The Debt Or Lenders Loan

FIXED-TERM MORTGAGE – A Mortgage With A Fixed Interest Rate Over The Term

FLIP – A Property That Is Purchased, Improved And Sold For Profit

FREEHOLD – The Permanent or Absolute Tenure of The Land or Building

FTB – First-Time Buyer

FTL – First-Time Landlord

GCH – Gas Central Heating

GDV – Gross Domestic Value

GROSS – The Full Or Total Amount

HHSRS – Housing Health & Safety Rating System

HMO – House In Multiple Occupation

ICO – Information Commissioner’s Office

ICR – Interest Cover Ratio

IFA – Independent Financial Advisor

JV – Joint Venture

KYC – Know Your Customer

LEASEHOLD – A Right To Occupy The Land Or Building For A Given Time

LHA – Local Housing Allowance

LL – Landlord Or Landlady

LLA – Local Landlord Association

LTV – Loan To Value

MULTI-LET – More Than One Tenancy Sharing The Same Property

NACFB – The National Association Of Commercial Finance Brokers

NETT or NET – The Amount Remaining After Deductions

NMD – No Money Down

NRLA – National Residential Landlord Association

NSC – Non-Standard Construction

OLA – Online Letting Agent

OPM – Other People’s Money

P2P – Peer-To-Peer Lending Platform

PD – Permitted Development

PI – Professional Indemnity (Insurance)

PIP – Personal Independent Payment

R2HMO – Rent To House In Multiple Occupation

R2R – Rent To Rent Or Rent 2 Rent

R2SA – Rent To Serviced Accommodation

ROCE – Return On Cash Employed

ROI – Return On Investment

SA – Serviced Accommodation

SDLT – Stamp Duty Land Tax

SINGLE LET or SL – A Property That Is Let Under One AST

SIPP – Self-Invested Personal Pension

SOW – Schedule Of Works 

SPV – Special Purpose Vehicle

SVR – Standard Variable Rate

TDP – Tenancy Deposit Protection

TDS – Tenancy Deposit Scheme

TPO – The Property Ombudsman

TRACKER MORTGAGE – A Mortgage That Tracks The Bank Of England Base Rate

UC – Universal Credit

VENDOR – The Person Selling The Property

YIELD – The Earnings Generated And Realised On An Investment Over A Particular Time, Expressed As A Percentage

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