15 Laws Action Plan - Set Your Property Foundations

Create momentum with your property education by working through our 15-part foundation guide


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Glossary of Terms

Help bring clarity to words like BRR, ICR, HMO, BTL, FTL, ROI, DIP...

How Does BRR Work?

Read our popular blog on the subject and see the numbers

Time Value of Money Explained with Formula and Examples

Understand the TVM and take advantage of its fundamental laws

What is the 18-Year Property Cycle (and how can you use it to your gain?)

Learn to understand the property cycle to give you peace of mind with your investments

Getting Started With Property Investment – Your 15 Part Property Foundation Timeline

Understanding The Numbers

Finding & Keeping a Suitable Tenant for your Investment Property

How to calculate if releasing equity from your home is worth it?

Property Viewing & Suitability Guide For New Landlords

Download David's FREE Book

A Simple 9-Part Guide

The English Private Landlord Survey 2018

More than 80% of Landlords only own 1-4 houses. Read the survey here

Beware of Irresponsible Property Sourcing Companies

Number of UK landlords hits record high of 2.7m

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Deposit Protection - Everything You Need To Know

Procrastination: A Scientific Guide on How to Stop Procrastinating

We all do it, but we can limit its damage to our growth. Find out how

Systemising Your Property Business

What does the Pets Bill mean for tenants & landlords?

Alphabet Shares - Tax Planning, Opportunities and Obstacles

Starting a limited company with a partner in the higher rate tax bracket. AB shares can help

Property Mentorship - Get Guidance and Support

See what is involved with a WiseOwl Property mentorship and get started building your own journey

86400 ticks of the clock each day, how many of them matter to you?

Wise Owl Property Training Blogs Page


Here we ease you in with the basics of property investing. It is a quick and easy-to-digest 'pull back' of the curtain. A highly recommended starting point for anyone interested in this industry

Number Sheets & Demos​

Understanding The Numbers Cheat Sheet

Learn the mathmatical number calcs for Yields & ROIs

Answers To The Returns Questions - Law 9

Did you get the calculations right? - Find out here

English Counties and Their Population

A list of the counties in England

SDLT CHART (Accurate at time of book release)

See the current SDLT tables for second home owners

See some of our rags to riches BRR & Flip projects

Here we overview some of the many projects we have completed recently. if you click into each project you can see the before after and possibly some during images too. This is the reality of refurbishments!!

Spreadsheets & Tools

Evaluate your properties with our FREE EVALUATION TOOL

Produce a quick or an in-depth evaluation of the property numbers. No more messy spreadsheets, just quick and easy numbers - you can even view a property using this FREE tool!

Basic Refurbishment Calculator

Assess the refurb costs quickly & eaisly

Basic Numbers Spread sheet

See your 'Yields', 'ROI' & 'Cashflow' numbers

Equity Release Calculator

Watch our video and then use this FREE tool to calculate equity release

Time and Income Calculator

Have you calculated your available time yet?

Time and Effort Vs Reward

See the reality of your time and effort with property investing

Buy To Let Stamp Duty Calculator

See how much SDLT you'll pay

Find A Property's Council Tax Band

What C/tax band is your next house in?

Find an EPC Certificate Online

Check the register


Watch BRR in 90s

Taster Video

Everything you need to know about bRR

Watch The FULL Video Here

Release equity in 90s

Taster Video

Everything you need to know about equity release

Watch The FULL Video Here

property foundations in 90s

Taster Video

everything you need to know about your foundations

Watch The FULL Video Here

How To Use Rightmove Like a Pro

Watch the video here

Avoiding Procrastination TED Talk

Watch this amazing TED talk

Guides & Checklists

Your Property Foundations Checklist

The FULL Guide

101 Key Property Questions Checklist

How Many Can You Answer

Property Viewing Suitability Guide

An In-Depth Look @ Viewing A Property

Determining Your Location Guide

Check Our Guide On Location Analysis

Checking If Your Property Has a Cavity

Can You Tell If Your Next BTL Has A Cavity?

Compounding Interest: Formulas and Examples

The 8th Wonder Of The World

ICR - Interest Cover Ratio

See How To Calculate ICR For Yourself

Energy Efficiency Landlord Guidance

The New Rules For 2025

Setting Up A Limited Company

Get Started Here

Example of Owl Will Sell It Flyers

Direct-To-Vendor Advertising

Recommended Books

123 On Property Investing

David Tarn

Good Strategy Bad Strategy

Richard Rumelt

Eat That Frog!

Brian Tracey

The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy

Start With Why

Simon Sinek

The Psychology of Money

Morgan Housel

Ego Is The Enemy

Ryan Holiday

4000 Weeks

Oliver Burkeman

Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential

Carol Dweck

Bootcamp for the Brain

Derren Brown

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